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We’re excited to share Everything You Need to Know to Write a Bible Study. You’re here because you want answers to your questions about writing and publishing a Bible study of your own. You have a passion for God’s Word and a belief that your Jesus-encounters contain a life-giving word for others. Imagine gathering friends to encounter God’s word in the pages of your study. 

In this workshop, find out how to craft a modern day gospel and share from the pages of your life as an illustration of God’s faithfulness, power and love. We want to see your Bible study released into the world. People are thirsty, desperate for writers to send buckets into the well of living water and draw up a thirst-quenching message. Let’s get going. 

What You Will Learn During the Workshop

How to Connect Heart-to-Heart

Be equipped to create a Bible study experience that draws readers in, meets their needs, and answers their questions. Learn to design content that connects with the heart.

How to Handle Using Scripture

Understand how to choose the right Bible translations for your project. Learn to reference Scripture, understand publisher permissions, and present copyright information. 

How to Structure Your Bible Study

Be inspired to design a study that reflects your passions and meets your readers’ desires. Learn to sequence your content as you guide participants on a journey into God’s Word.

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Meet Jenny & Mindy

Hey There! We're the co-founders of FlourishGathering and FlourishWriters, and we're passionate about helping women grow in God’s Word. Together we have authored and published Bible Studies and devotionals, workshops, online conferences and training courses. For those desiring to share their God Story in writing, we are guides who help birth stories from the heart to the page.

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