Let me guess. You want to publish your book, but you aren't sure where to start.

Does the thought of getting your book into print sound overwhelming and unattainable?

We can help! At FlourishWriters, we’ve learned a lot about self-publishing, and we want to share what we know with you.

It’s actually not as complicated as it looks once you know how. And self-publishing does not need to break your budget. After publishing ten books in two short years, we’ve figured out the step-by-step process, along with the tips and tricks to help you self-publish like a pro.

We created the How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass with LIVE Strategy Sessions to give you the roadmap that guides you through the self-publishing process. The live experience is designed to provide actionable answers to all your questions. 

If you dream of writing and publishing a book, we’d love to show you the way. 

You're Ready to Publish Your Book!
We want to Put the Roadmap in Your Hands
to Make It Possible. 

In How to Self-Publish Your Book, you will:

  • Determine your self-publishing goals

  • Create your publishing success plan

  • Learn the step-by-step approach we use to self-publish our print books

  • Discover ten tips for self-publishing like a pro

  • Grab our trusted recommended resources
  • Hear from industry experts
  • Prepare to publish with a walk-through example of Kindle Direct Publishing-KDP (Special Bonus)

The How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass is a five-module experience designed to teach you the step-by-step process we use to successfully publish our books.

In the How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass , you will receive the following:


‚úĒ Masterclass Training

The five Masterclass Training videos will guide you step-by-step through the self-publishing process. 


‚úĒ¬†Digital Notebook

The interactive notebook accompanies the masterclass training, providing the detailed written guidance you need for implementation of your self-publishing success plan.


‚úĒ Interviews with Industry Experts

One of our goals at FlourishWriters is to help you gather a self-publishing team. We introduce you to industry experts you can trust and discuss the critical questions. This way you understand the options available. 


‚úĒ¬†LIVE Strategy Sessions

On March 6th, March 21st and March 28th we will host a LIVE Strategy Session. The purpose of these sessions will be for you to gain clarity for your specific project by asking any questions you may have. In addition, during each strategy session we will be chatting with a former How to Self-Publish Your Book student that has successfully walked through the process and published their book in 2023.


‚úĒ¬†One-on-One Coaching

The add-on One-on-One Coaching includes the full masterclass training, digital workbook, LIVE strategy sessions PLUS an additional One-on-One Coaching Session to help you customize and create your self-publishing plan. Get all your self-publishing questions answered. 

Julie Lefebure,
author of Right Now Matters

I took the FlourishWriters' self-publishing course and published my first book, Right Now Matters: Empowering Right-Now Women in a Culture of Distraction, and it ranked the #1 New Release in Christian Family and Relationships category on Amazon!

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Your Publishing Goals

  • Understand the publishing options available
  • Gain an overview of the publishing process
  • Create your personal Self-Publishing Plan

Editing Your Book

  • Understand the different types of editing
  • Determine your editing needs¬†
  • Learn how to work with a freelance editor

Designing Your Book

  • Identify the purpose of design¬†in line with your goals
  • Select brand elements for your project
  • Plan a design package for your cover and interior

Understanding Publishing & Distribution

  • Learn to publish on KDP & Ingram
  • Understand the various distribution channels
  • Assess the option of working with a hybrid publisher

Marketing Your Book

  • Clarify marketing goals for your publishing project
  • Understand the options and choose how to best promote the book
  • Create a marketing plan for your book that feels right for you

Publishing in Niche Markets

  • Gather resources for niche projects
  • Learn how to work with a freelance illustrator
  • Evaluate cover and print options available from vendors

Self-Publishing with Kindle-Direct Publishers (KDP)

This is a step-by-step video we filmed while uploading one of our books into Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)/Amazon. The video provides a valuable walk-through of the process from beginning to end, showing you exactly how to publish your book with KDP. All our students rave about this super-practical resource!


Interviews with Industry Experts

Each session includes an interview with an industry expert who shares from their knowledge and experience, making you aware of important decisions you'll face at each stage of the publishing process to ensure you navigate the process with confidence.

Becky Meyerson,
author of Don't Miss the Wonder

"With FlourishWriters I learned the steps to plan and publish my books, from outlining, organizing, and writing all the way through to publishing and marketing. When you sense there's more you need, when you're praying for resources and tools, God sends help. Mindy and Jenny and the FlourishWriters community are the people I needed to take my writing to the next level."

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We designed the How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass to fast-track your writing journey by sharing the lessons and processes we learned as we published our books.

You don’t need to spend years figuring this out. We want to equip you to get your project into the hands of your readers.

Our students will tell you that this FlourishWriters Masterclass will help you get your message out to the world!

You have the vision, now let us give you the roadmap to turn your vision into a brilliant book that will bless others for a lifetime.


How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass w/ LIVE Strategy Sessions


  • How to¬†Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass Training Videos

  • Digital Notebook

  • Interviews with Industry Experts
  • LIVE Strategy Sessions on March 6th, 21st, and 28th.


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How to Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass w/ LIVE Strategy Sessions+ One-on-One Coaching


  • How to¬†Self-Publish Your Book Masterclass Training Videos

  • Digital Notebook

  • Interviews with Industry Experts
  • LIVE Strategy Sessions on March 6th, 21st, and 28th.
  • 30-minute One-on-One Coaching session with Mindy or Jenny
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About Your Instructors

Hi there! Mindy Kiker and Jenny Kochert, co-founders of FlourishGathering and FlourishWriters, are passionate to help women grow in God’s Word. Together they have authored and published Bible studies and devotionals, workshops, online conferences and training courses. For those desiring to write and publish, Jenny and Mindy are guides who help birth your book from the heart to the page. 

Ruthie Gray,
author of Empty Nest Awakening

"God brought FlourishWriters and the Self Publishing Masterclass along at just the right time for this book. The result is that this message has been birthed, ‚ÄúEmpty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passions into Purpose.‚ÄĚ What a thrill to see that it‚Äôs #1 on Ingram Spark in Religion / Christian Living / Family & Relationships! Thanks so much, Mindy and Jenny, for your part in this book."

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