What if you could join a summer camp for writers?

Your life story is the single most powerful source of your message. Connecting with the life-giving essence of your wisdom positions you to write from the wellspring of life, to share living water that leaves readers forever changed. 

You desire to see your story awakened and your heart refreshed this summer. We are birthing tomorrow’s stories by pouring into storytellers today. 


What Will You Learn This Summer?

During the twelve weeks of summer, we’re offering our best-selling course, The Power of Story. You're invited to join us for a virtual summer camp experience. Power of Story LIVE  creates space for you to stay on track this summer as we feast on God’s Word and engage with your personal story. It is a 12-week online summer camp writing experience that walks you through the step-by-step process of crafting a personal story into a 1000-word devotional.

Power of Story LIVE kicks off Monday, June 5th.

In the three months of summer, you receive video training in all six stages of the writing process, from idea, planning, and organizing, to writing, editing, and publishing. In addition, we meet up three times for live QnA and co-working for the summer camp crew. Replays are made available in your private learning portal.  Learn and practice the steps you need to craft any writing project, from a short blog piece or social media post to a devotional, essay, Bible study, book, or novel.

Idea Phase

What should I write? Journal, reflect, and consider the various life stories that could be told by using a variety of brainstorming techniques.

  • Learn the Story Writing Process
  • Create a Personal Timeline
  • Brainstorm Story Ideas

Planning Phase

What do I include in my story? Zero in on the specific story you wish to write. Summarize and refine your message with a step-by-step story mapping process.

  • Clarify Your Purpose for Writing
  • Learn to Choose the "Right" Story
  • Create a Story Map

Organizing Phase

How do I prepare to write? Choose the specific story you’re going to write and get organized by preparing the content.

  • Put All the Pieces Together
  • Organize Your Story Details
  • Create a Story Cheat-Sheet

Writing Phase

How do I complete my first draft? With our planning and organizing process, you’re prepared to get words from your head onto the page. Even reluctant writers discover they are ready to write with the tools provided. 

  • Practice a Well-Written Story
  • Craft the Crucial First Paragraph
  • Write Your First Draft With Confidence

Editing Phase

How do I strengthen my writing? It’s time to edit and revise the first draft. Tighten the prose so your readers connect with your story. Follow detailed guidelines for a Friend Edit and the Self-Edit checklist.

  • Learn How to Self-Edit Your Story
  • Use the Self-Edit Checklist
  • Learn Tips for Polished Writing

Publishing Phase

How can I share my story? You've birthed your story, a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness ready to shine for His glory. This final phase of the writing process guides you to share your story with others.

  • Share Your Story on Social Media
  • Learn Where to Submit Devotionals
  • Discover Micro-Blogging Tips
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We can’t wait to see your story awakened and your heart refreshed this summer.

The Power of Story LIVE Summer Camp experience offers value to every writer, regardless of your writing experience. It's our gift to you, sharing all we learned as we created the FlourishWriters approach to writing. You won’t find another writing course that unlocks the heart of your message like this one. No matter your experience level, you will gain certainty in the value of your story and confidence in the craft of sharing your story.