Are you longing to create a Bible study experience that guides others deeper into the Word?

When you fall in love with the Word of God, you’re not satisfied to keep the treasure of Scripture to yourself. 

You’re in the right place if you’ve been dreaming of creating a Bible study that connects other's to God's Word. Can you imagine writing a brilliant study that will help others encounter and experience God in a new way?

Desire is strong, but where do you start?  

We want to share the writing process we created as we’ve successfully written and published our numerous Bible studies.

All you need is a planning framework and template that gives you a step-by-step process to plan and write the Bible study that is burning inside your heart.  

And we have one!

It’s our passion to help you get that Bible study out of your heart and onto the page. 

Your Bible Study Can Make a Difference! We Want to Put the Road Map in Your Hands to Make It Happen.

In How to Write a Bible Study, you will learn how to:

  • Clarify the purpose of your Bible Study

  • Identify your readers pain points

  • Define the outcomes you desire for your readers

  • Focus on a theme, person, or book of the Bible

  • Organize and Structure your Bible study
  • Share your study with others
  • Self-Publish your study

The How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass is a five part video course designed to teach you the step-by-step planning process we use to create studies that invite participants to encounter God.

During the How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass you will receive :

✔ Masterclass Training

The Masterclass Training provides immediate access to an online training course that includes three Teaching Videos and a 20-page digital Workbook, complete with our Template that guide you to create life-changing Bible Studies.


✔ Digital Workbook

The 20-page workbook accompanies the teaching videos, providing the detailed written guidance you need for implementation. A blank planning template is included for you to duplicate and use again and again.  


✔ Masterclass Coaching

Includes the full training course, workbook, template, PLUS an additional One-on-One Coaching Call to get all your questions answered. During a 25-minute phone call, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with us and get the specific feedback you need. We’re available to review your written work and provide a sounding board for any aspect of your project, even if you’re still in the concept stage.


"Jenny and Mindy are truly talented and gifted with words, organization, and instruction. Their passion and dedication to the writing craft is evident. Not to mention their faith and commitment to Jesus. "

Therese Kilgore
FlourishWriters Student

10 Tips for a Brilliant Bible Study

Before we get into the nitty gritty of planning, we begin with the big picture and the Top 10 Tips to a Brilliant Bible Study. We share the lessons we’ve learned over the years--the ones we wish we knew when we started writing Bible studies. How do you communicate a God-breathed message? What style of writing voice should you adopt? How do you guard your calling? We answer these questions and more.


Planning Your Bible Study

The Planning Questions guide you through the step-by-step process to conceptualize, plan and organize your Bible study. These are the guidelines we use when we conceptualize a new study. You will learn to brainstorm, ponder, pray, and seek God’s voice as we grapple with clarifying the purpose of the study, understanding readers’ needs, and designing content.



Structuring Your Bible Study

In this module you find guidance on organizing the Structure of Your Bible Study, writing the content, and editing your final draft.  You decide if you want to use an existing Bible study method or create your own as you analyze the layout, structure, and content of several examples. Examine the types of content you can include in your Bible study, including retelling a Bible story, sharing personal stories to illustrate a Biblical theme, and using research findings. You will be equipped to design your study by learning about the six types of questions that guide your reader’s experience.


Sharing Your Bible Study

You’re writing a Bible study because you want to Share Your Love for God’s Word with others, but how do you get your Bible study into their hands? How do you find readers? We recount our history of gathering friends in our homes and churches, and slowly learning how to connect online through email and social media. In this module, we provide practical suggestions and examples to help you find readers by connecting one-on-one and online. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin….” Zechariah 4:10a (NLT)


Bible Study Planning Template

The Bible Study Planning Template is a planning form you can use to create the master plan for your study. You will keep this template at hand as a guide during the writing process. We walk you through an example Bible Study Planning Template that we used to plan our Flourish Bible study on the theme of God’s love as shown through the story of Ruth.


Self-Publishing Guide

The Self-Publishing Guide will guide you through the steps you  need to put your Bible study into the hands of your reader. Full of helpful tips, valuable step-by-step guidance, and most valuable of all a walk-through video showing you exactly how to publish your book using Kindle Direct Publishing. 



Get a Sneak Peek Inside How to Write a Bible Study


"The whole atmosphere of FlourishWriters Community is upbeat, God honoring, and kind. The practical instruction is professional and supportive. I was so helped by having the mystery of writing being broken down in doable steps. Plaudits to Mindy and Jennifer and to the Lord Who inspires them."

Walker White Dorman
FlourishWriters Student

We designed the How to Write a Bible Study masterclass to fast-track your writing journey by sharing the lessons and process we learned as we’ve created our much-loved Bible studies.

You don’t need to spend years figuring this out. We want to equip you to get your passion project into the hands of your readers.

We pray this Masterclass helps you craft an experience for your readers that increases their passion for God’s Word. 

You have the vision, now let us give you the road map to turn your vision into a brilliant Bible study that will bless others for a lifetime.


How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass


  • How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass Training 

  • Digital Workbook

  • Bonus: Self-Publishing Guide
  • Interactive Facebook Community


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How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass + One-on-One Coaching Call


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  • How to Write a Bible Study Masterclass Training 

  • Digital Workbook

  • Bonus: Self-Publishing Guide
  • 25-Minute Coaching Call
  • Interactive Facebook Community

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About Your Instructors

Hey There! Mindy Kiker and Jenny Kochert, co-founders of FlourishGathering and FlourishWriters, are passionate to help women grow in God’s Word. Together they have authored and published numerous Bible Studies and devotionals, workshops, online conferences and training courses. For those desiring to share their God Story in writing, Jenny and Mindy are guides who help birth stories from the heart to the page. 


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